Quality control and traceability

Every aspect of the automated endless winding process, is carefully watched in a created  environment free UV light, controlled humidity and temperature. Fibre tension controls are in place to ensure a cable system that provides exceptionally consistent and reliable performance.

Aramid Rigging cables are manufactured to the leading standards in the industry (German Lloyd’s). The cables are tested during production and before shipping to ensure that their performance and repeatability are unsurpassed.

All cables are tested in a state-of-the-art stretch testing bed prior to shipping. The cable is stretch tested and pulled from 500 kg to 1.5 times the safe working load. This allows Aramid Rigging to guarantee quality, and a long lifespan. All cables come with a stretch test, warranty and user certificate.

Aramid Rigging uses an RFID track-and-trace system that allows the service department to recognise any given cable that returns for service and testing.

Aramid Rigging products come with a three-year limited warranty on material and production faults.