General cable comparison

Aramid Rigging's R&D department has performed the following tests: Break load, weight comparison, diameter measurement and pricing between the SmartRigging SR-20 PBO cable, AR-20BL Aramid, a dash 40 rod (as the 100% test standard) and a 14 mm Dyform.

The results show that SmartRigging’s high performance PBO cable has the highest break load and lowest weight possible at a cable diameter equal to that of the Dyform, and 10% smaller than that of rod.
The above graph also shows that Aramid offers the best performance.

(Price indication is an average. No rights in terms of pricing can be attained based on this graph.)

This proves that the Aramid Rigging endless winding method with fibre tension control is the best way to guarantee the highest possible cable quality.

Aramid Rigging cables are available in all stretch equivalent sizes to replace wire from
10 mm to 150 mm.

Aramid Rigging can provide the most economical custom-built cable system in the world, featuring the smallest diameter, lowest stretch and weight possible!