Aramid: the performance fibre

Aramid fibre is a man-made organic polymer (an aromatic polyamide) produced by spinning a solid fibre from a liquid chemical blend.

The bright yellow filaments produced can have a range of properties, but all have high strength and low density that result in very high specific strength.


All grades have excellent resistance to impact, and lower modulus grades are used extensively in ballistic applications.



Mechanical properties Aramid HM: 

Tensile Strength: Tensile Modulus: Elongation at Break: Density: Moisture Regain:
2800 MPA 109 GPA 2,40% 1,45 g/cm3 4,50%

Proven experience in yacht-rigging provides endless possibilities for replacing traditional steel-wire for Aramid Rigging. Our endless-winding technology for end fittings replaces the traditional less durable cone fittings in steel wire solutions.

Cables can be up to 50% smaller in diameter, and therefore much lighter!